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The Gold Plus plan offers everything the Gold Standard plan does PLUS the option to have daily contact with your Personalized Education Coach. This contact could be a 20-minute check-in daily or two hours a week to go over goals for the day. It could be a motivational conversation where they go over things the student completed the day before. The Gold Plus plan is an excellent plan for highly motivated students who need assistance organizing their day. The Gold Plus Year plan (twelve months) offers six credits, which equals twelve-semester courses. If you enroll for a semester (six months), the Gold Plus Semester plan offers three credits, which equals six-semester courses.

All Gold plans have students receiving an exceptional level of personalized service given by our highly trained Personalized Education Coaches (PECs). Your PEC is specifically assigned to you to work with your student. Your PEC will assist you in creating an annual course plan helping you map out your courses for the year. Your weekly check-in could potentially consist of creating weekly goals, encouraging course progress, guidance counseling, and college research support. You will also have weekly homerooms and clubs hosted through Microsoft Teams.

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