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We have found that completing six credits in a 365-day period is not always realistic. Some students may be on an accelerated plan to graduate, while others may need an extended timeframe. We have created the Flex Plan* for students looking to create their own path to graduation. Families on the Flex Plan are required to pay an annual $445 registration fee, a $2,400 annual tuition fee, and then they will pay an individual course fee based on their child’s grade level. The course fee is paid prior to taking a new course. The annual tuition fee gives Flex Plan students access to a Personalized Education Coach to assist with course planning and pacing, weekly coaching for goal setting and time management, weekly homeroom, and assemblies, as well as in-person gatherings and clubs. The Semester Course Fee** is paid prior to taking a new course.

*Every new CMASAS student is required to take the Foundations in Personalized Learning course before any other course may be added.

** Enrollment Term: Gold Flex Tuition Plan is for PEC support and Individual Semester Courses are paid as needed.


Gold Flex Tuition and Registration

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