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We have found that completing six credits in a 365-day period is not always realistic. Some students may be on an accelerated plan to graduate, while others may need an extended timeframe. We have created the Flex Plan* for students looking to create their own path to graduation. Families on the Flex Plan are required to pay an annual $445 registration fee, and a $2,400 Annual Tuition Fee**, and then they will pay an individual course fee based on their child’s grade level. The annual tuition fee gives Flex Plan students access to a Personalized Education Coach to assist with course planning and pacing, weekly coaching for goal setting and time management, weekly homeroom, and assemblies, as well as in-person gatherings and clubs. The Semester Course Fee** is paid prior to taking a new course.

*Every new CMASAS student is required to take the Foundations in Personalized Learning course before any other course may be added. High school students can opt in or out to receive elective credit for this course.

** Enrollment Term: Gold Flex Tuition Plan is for PEC support and Individual Semester Courses are paid as needed.

Gold Flex Tuition and Registration

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